Polling has become unreliable, slow, and expensive

Outdated data collection methods, non-response and unconscious bias of the constituents have all contributed to the problem.

But we’ve realized that if you can get to the root metrics of the constituents

You can predict with 90%+ accuracy the outcome of a campaign.

So we’ve reinvented political intelligence using AI, crowdsourced data, and genuine social signal

Making it affordable and available daily so you can keep accurate progress of your campaign.



Days Before Election

0 +

Public Interest in Candidate A

0 +

Public Interest in Candidate B

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Public Interest in Candidate C

0 +

Public Interest in Candidate D

Leading Candidate

Introducing a real-time alternative to polling

Imagine what you could do for your political campaign with access to insights from the constituents at your fingertips.

Built for those who need a faster alternative to polls. Our political intelligence platform keeps a daily pulse on the genuine interest from the public in candidates and what drives the interest. So you can research and analyze the collective response from constituents to campaigns at the state and national level across election cycles and beyond. All without the long wait for data. 

Our technology currently tracks the daily progress of 3,000+ political candidates and correctly forecasted the outcome of over 10 primaries in 2018. Contact us below for early access and case studies.

We’re also reinventing news discovery with our technology –


Mornings A Week


Political Sides


Stories From Each Side


Key Facts To Each Story

A Smart News Experience For The Smart & Busy Readers

Are you constantly on the go but still want to stay on top of important events and key facts – without having to sift through the sensationalism, opinions, polarized echo chambers, speculative articles, or “he says/she says” stories?

Our AI-powered digest is built for someone like you. Now open for Beta, click below for more information.

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Our proprietary intelligence technology can be applied to assist organizations beyond the political sector.
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