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We’re building an AI that delivers the data you need to make quick decisions about what to read and share with your friends and followers. To get started, share an article or web site with will reply with the site’s credibility and bias..

Just think of our AI as an always-on assistant that provides “Honesty at your fingertips” – 24/7.


Do you constantly read news on-the-go and have no time to manually check for credibility and bias? No problem. just needs a link and will respond within a few seconds.

Cross-Platform is built independently and is available  across major social and search platforms — including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Google, Slack and Kik.


Do you want to avoid echo chambers and find a balanced way to read your news? No sweat. quickly categorizes and surfaces trending headlines by political bias – on any given topic.

Built by Passionate News Junkies

We are a collection of data scientists, product builders, and journalism experts who are united by our mutual love for consuming (reliable) information.

Over the past few years, we saw an uptick in the circulation of questionable online news stories. We were alarmed when our friends and family members were sharing unverified scientific claims on social media – and in response, we were doing manual searches on the web to check whether their information was accurate or coming from a credible source. Often spending more than a fair amount of time trying to identify what was reliable, and what wasn’t.

This led us to believe that an easy-to-use solution to verify credibility and help assess what we consume online is more crucial than ever. It needs to be accessible and ideally, in real-time. That’s the problem that we’re focused on solving.

To Help Assess What You Read, See and Hear 

Through our technology, we are gradually addressing the growing climate of public distrust in the press and shared social media posts. By empowering consumers to be more informed of their own bias and to assess content before clicking “Like,” “Share,” or “Comment,” – we hope this will help foster more meaningful (and healthy) public conversations around information.

– The Team

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There are many ways our AI technology can be leveraged to add value to your public or private organization. If brand reputation, critical thinking, and content credibility are elements that impact your organizational metrics, then we’d love to talk to you.